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Olivia won. Peggy lost (but Gerard is not a bad person to lose to).

Linda won!?! A dab of orange in a sea of blue? Rock on.

But 143 ridings still want the little baby Jesus to weep.

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This has me speechless.

Vandals attacked a midtown Toronto neighbourhood this weekend, cutting off phone and cable lines, spray-painting property and cutting brake lines on a number of vehicles.

Although there were reports the vandalism appeared to be linked to Liberal party supporters, Staff Sgt. Glenn Gray refused to confirm a motive behind the attacks, telling CTV.ca it was too early in the investigation to comment.

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Is this the list?

  • Canwest Global Communications Corp.
  • Quebecor
  • CTVglobemedia
  • CBC

Are these the guys who are making the decision?

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Canada's broadcasters will not allow the Green Leader Elizabeth May to participate in the leaders' debates during the federal election campaign, the networks announced Monday afternoon.

The consortium of networks, which includes the CBC, said three of Canada's parties were opposed to May's inclusion, but did not give more details.

In recent days, the Conservatives, Bloc Québécois and the NDP have all expressed their opposition to May joining the debates.

"It became clear that if the Green party were included, there would be no leaders' debate," the consortium said in a press release.

"Greens can't participate in leaders' debates, networks rule", CBC.ca

Reading between the lines: Harper won't take part in a debate that includes Elizabeth May. What's he so afraid of?

I have no special love for Elizabeth May, but I do resent the attempts by the big four to marginalize other parties.

Also: boo to the NDP. I. Am. Not. Impressed.

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I went to the Conservatives' web site today. Unclean! Unclean!

(This is how I felt when I visited my grandmother shortly after my grandfather passed away, and I found my grandfather's stash of Conservative Party literature. It's like, you know your grandparents had to have had politics, you just never want to visualize it).

Candidates in my riding:

  • Olivia Chow (NDP)
  • Christine Innes (Liberal)
  • Chris McGirr (Conservative)
  • Stephen LaFrenie (Green)

Last election, we also had a Progressive Canadian candidate, a Canada Action Party candidate and a Marxist-Leninist candidate. (I almost spelled, "Lennonist"). None of those parties have candidate information on their sites, yet.

I'm torn about my vote this year. I've voted NDP pretty much my entire adult life (please don't ask about the sins of my youth), but I know the Green candidate and his work in Haiti is stellar. The Greens, unlike the NDP, actually seem to have a stance on Haiti.

I also didn't notice until yesterday that we closed parliament with a Green member.


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