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Often, when I’ve commented on Rob Ford antics, I’ve used a headline that parodies the movie title The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It seems less cutesy given how signs now suggest that someone was actually assassinated because of the Ford video.

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But that hearing had more in it than just football — it has every other thing that has defined Ford’s mayoralty: his obsessing over small amounts of money; his steadfast refusal to pay any attention to details; his belligerent insistence that normal rules and procedures governing ethics and integrity do not apply to him; and his unique ability to inspire a citizen revolt against him. This case has all of it.

“‘I declare the seat of the respondent, Rob Ford, on Toronto city council, vacant’”, Edward Keenan

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I began to wonder whether it was possible to harness the reputation of our mayor to benefit the city I love.

Pisa, after all, has built a tourist industry around an inelegant, shoddily built tower. Here in Toronto, we have Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford: This is a bit like having a tower tilting toward earth at a full 35-degree angle, from which one can conveniently watch an endless car accident.

- "Toronto’s new tourist attraction: Come see the Rob Ford Follies", The Globe and Mail

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9. During the campaign, Ford was fond of trotting out the old Tea Party line that the city doesn’t have a revenue problem – it has a spending problem. That doesn’t explain why he jacked up user fees in his first budget. But back to the point at hand. The city now has a revenue problem thanks to Ford’s ditching of the vehicle registration tax and the zero property tax increase delivered in 2011.The $100 million from those two sources alone would have made many of the massive cuts now being contemplated unnecessary.

"Lies Rob Ford has told", Now Toronto

Now isn't objective by any stretch. But they sometimes cover issues in the city well.

I'm also all misty-eyed over this blog post:

There have been some reports that Ford's popularity is below 50 percent, which would be disastrous in any mayor's first year. There's even talk of Ford actually dragging down Progressive Conservative numbers inside the 416.

Which is everything you need to know when you read this Adam Radwanski piece for The Globe and Mail, about how the provincial parties in Ontario are dealing with their federal and municipal cousins:

Although he still has many admirers, Mr. Ford will always be the target of attacks in the coming weeks over potentially unpleasant municipal cutbacks that he glossed over when seeking election last year. And before the campaign is out, the Toronto mayor will likely try to flex his muscle by endorsing Mr. Hudak—whether Mr. Hudak wants that endorsement or not.

The idea that Tim Hudak would run away from Ford's endorsement would have been a joke only a month or so ago. But with Tory numbers now behind the Liberals in two polls they don't need the additional heat of being too closely associated with a tax-and-service-cutting mayor.

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[livejournal.com profile] sabotabby makes a modest proposal:

As a precautionary measure, I suggest preciseness in speech. Don't just call him Ford. Call him "Our Honourable Wife-Beating Mayor." Call him "Ford, That Guy Who Was Arrested for Drunk Driving." Refer to his frequent bouts of racism and homophobia. Remind your friends, relatives, and co-workers of his history.

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I've always been rather fond of Chomsky's phrase, "emotionally potent over-simplification."

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On the positive side, it looks like Mike Layton won Ward 19 by a landslide, with Karen Sun in second place. Sean McCormick trailed.

On the negative side, Rob Fuckin' Ford.

But, on the positive side, I'll get more mileage out of this user icon.

On the negative side, I think Ford plans to start filling in the subway tunnels before the week is over.

On the positive side, a number of dead weights on the council are gone.

On the negative side, Elizabeth Moon is likely to be guest of honour at city hall.

On the positive side, I'm in a really cool ward that still believes in progressive politics (witness Mike Layton and Karen Sun!)

On the negative side, Rob Ford is going to sell Ward 19 to Buffalo to pay down the debt.

On the positive side, roads will be safer for cyclists.

On the negative side, it'll be because there'll be no cyclists.


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