Angel’s Month Indulgence #5

Feb. 18th, 2019 11:03 am
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Nike Dri-FIT UV SPF 40+ Golf Top
Nike Dri-FIT UV SPF 40+ Golf Top

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to wear for my annual self-portrait. My current options seem a bit limited. While I was thinking about possibly doing a little shopping, an email promo encouraged me to check out new items in Nike Golf clothing. I did see something that might work, but it’s pretty hard to tell online how good a clothing item is. I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if the top was available locally; the Nike Company Store features many of the hot, new items – and the deepest discount is at that store.

I actually have a strategy for shopping there. Go on a weekday. Arrive around 8:40 am – after the initial crowd has blasted through the store – and before the general opening at 10:00 am. Today is not a company holiday, but many people have taken the day off as there’s no school on Presidents’ Day. I thought there might be more people at the store because of this – but thankfully the place was sparsely attended. I could shop in peace.

I always love the high energy music in Nike stores – and it’s a nice pick-me-up early in the morning. I can’t help but smile and bounce a little. The top I was interested in was there in two of three colors. They had the black one – but not the white. The baby blue was not my color. I could see by eyeing the tops that once again Nike sizing has gone wonky. I wish they’d get their act together. For Nike golf clothing I usually take a Large, but I could see that Medium was plenty big. I tried the top on, and the Medium was fine – cut a smidge large in some places, so it fit loosely. Better too loose than too snug.

I would have like to have tried the white top. If the black top works out, I might go for the white one online. I really don’t need another black top. This one is for a photo shoot and is definitely an indulgence.

I looked around, and there weren’t any other items – shoes, tops, or pants – I was interested in. I made the single purchase and came home.
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 Remember when Drug Fraud chops the education budget and fires teachers that there was enough money around for him to hire one of his friends, a failed Conservative candidate, at $140,000 year to chair a completely useless organization—a job that was previously done on a part time basis for about $5000 a year. Let's hear it for the job creators!

(Caveat: Link goes to a partisan website; nonetheless, it's easily fact-checked.)

Remember when they talk about everyone making sacrifices and tightening their belts, they are not talking about themselves or anyone in their tax bracket.

Angel’s Month Indulgence #4

Feb. 18th, 2019 10:07 am
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One Monday a month I take a day off from work. I call it my Mental Health Monday. I’ve been doing this for years. I rarely take more than a couple of days off from work a month.

My Mental Health Monday was last Monday. It was part of a three-day weekend connected to photographing the three-day Portland Winter Light Festival. I need the extra time to sort and process photos. I brought back a lot of photos, and I can tell this is going to take three solid weekends to get the processing done. I won’t do my Winter Light Festival posts until then.

After working on photos last Monday, I felt like I didn’t get a weekend at all – it was mostly work. And my task backlog hadn’t gotten addressed. In fact, it was worse. So I took the unprecedented (for me) step of requesting the following Monday off. Two three-day weekends in a row is remarkable. Even so, the weekend was saddled with a huge tasklist – including more photo processing for the Winter Light Festival. It feels like another working weekend. Some items on my tasklist are approaching critical deadlines.

But a Monday off from work, even a very busy Monday, is a treat and an indulgence.


Feb. 18th, 2019 05:24 am
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"I love you very, very much
 I love you like a hero
 I love you more than one over X
 As X approaches zero."

  -- John O'Hara, letter to the editor, Gazette-Star, 2014-02-13


Feb. 17th, 2019 09:25 pm
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☕️...White people love putting black-face on EVERYTHING except for Jesus. - Ally Israel

(no subject)

Feb. 18th, 2019 12:53 pm
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I finally got around to watching Killing Eve last night and I accidentally the whole thing.

Was reminded to do so by this multifandom femslash vid by [personal profile] aurumcalendula.

Home from Boskone

Feb. 17th, 2019 09:56 pm
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Despite being awake late last night, I woke up a little after 7 a.m. I made tea, then went down to the fitness center. This time I did a few exercises and soaked in the hot tub for a bit, which my legs appreciated.

That took me to about 8:30. There was no Sunday morning programming that interested me, and I didn't feel like hanging out for a couple of hours hoping someone I knew would walk past and be in a mood for conversation, so I got dressed, checked out, and headed home. (Judy Bemis saw me in the lobby as I was heading out; we hugged goodbye as she explained that she was on her way to a shift in the con treasury.)

I stopped off at South Station and grabbed a savory croissant at the Pret a Manget; I hadn't wanted to wait in line at the hotel lobby Starbucks, but it seemed imprudent to wait until I got home. One disadvantage of this year's Boskone is that the con suite had only packaged snacks--chips, candy, cookies, I think some little packets of cheese and crackers, rather than bagels or donuts, or the lots and lots of hard boiled eggs they've had in previous years. There wasn't even milk for the coffee and tea, just packets of sugar and creamer. (This seems to have been a change in hotel policy.) If I go to another con at that hotel, and stay overnight, I am going to make sure to bring yogurt and other food I can keep in the fridge. (I'd bought a couple of single-serving yogurts, and forgot to grab them on my way out of Adrian's apartment Friday; if I'd known how limited the con suite would be, I'd have stopped in South Station and at least gotten some more yogurt.)

Since getting home I have played three games of Scrabble with [personal profile] cattitude, combed Molly, proofread one short article for Queue, stretched and exercised, and unloaded (twice), reloaded (twice), and run the dishwasher. Tomorrow's plan is more Scrabble, proofreading, stretching, and playing with the cats.


Feb. 17th, 2019 05:24 am
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list, 2019-01-07:

"Sometimes the ultimate pointlessness of a line of work is so obvious that few involved make much effort to deny it. Most universities in the United Kingdom now have public relations offices with staffs several times larger than would be typical for, say, a bank or an auto manufacturer of roughly the same size. Does Oxford really need to employ a dozen-plus PR specialists to convince the public it's a top-notch university? I'd imagine it would take at least that many PR agents quite a number of years to convince the public Oxford was not a top-notch university, and even then, I suspect the task would prove impossible. Obviously, I am being slightly facetious here: this is not the only thing a PR department does. I'm sure in the case of Oxford much of its day-to-day concerns involve more practical matters such as attracting to the university the children of oil magnates or corrupt politicians from foreign lands who might otherwise have gone to Cambridge." -- David Graeber, from his book Bullshit Jobs.

(submitted to the mailing list by Terry Labach)

"Enthusiastic consent"

Feb. 17th, 2019 02:11 am
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Tonight a book on my shelf caught my eye, so I read it.

The book was Double Trouble by Carol Morse, a 1964 teen comedy that I inherited from my mother—though she was in her 20s when it came out, so I'm not sure how she ended up owning it or passing it along to me. At some point I misplaced her copy or gave it away, thinking I wouldn't miss it, and then I missed it; after years of searching—do you know how many books are called Double Trouble?—I finally found it on AbeBooks a couple of months ago and gladly snatched it up. It's about boy-crazy twin girls learning how to be their own people and have their own feelings and interests instead of doing everything together. They live in a generic small American town that out-Pleasantvilles Pleasantville, and their lives are wholly unlike anything I have ever known. I first read it with absolute fascination in the 1980s, feeling as though I were doing research on a foreign country. It seems even more alien now. (Though this time around I spotted the lesbian, English teacher Miss Winifred Lawrence, who never felt like herself until she went to an all-girls school where people started calling her Larry. She's also tough as a teacher but nice once you get to know her, and the narrative goes out of its way to establish her as an outdoorsy, sturdy world traveler. Mm-hmm. She felt familiar, an un-strange person in their strange self-contained land.)

There was no purpose to me reading it, except that I was glad to own it again and wanted to see whether it still gave me that feeling of fascinated curiosity, which it does.

I hadn't realized how much the notion of a to-read pile/shelf/list was pinning me down. I feel free.
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I have another three three-month subscriptions to the Shatner Chatner to give away; comment here WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS -- comments are screened -- and if I have more than three by Wednesday night, I'll ask the RNG.

Angel’s Month Indulgence #3

Feb. 16th, 2019 04:16 pm
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Gyudon at Crazy Sushi Shoten
Gyudon at Crazy Sushi Shoten
iPhone 8 photo

For what it is, the lunch is expensive. But I like gyudon, and it’s not easy to find for a weekend lunch. (Gyudon at Ikenohana is better, but they’re open only for dinner.) It’s been a rough week, and I decided that today I would spoil myself.

Anime Winter Week 6

Feb. 16th, 2019 04:01 pm
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Princess Rona
Princess Rona
Endro! Episode 6

Here are the shows that I watched last week:

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime): Episode 19
Well, that was surprisingly tidy. The warm up act was all the allies taking down the Megalodons. Lots of opportunities for fun and teamwork. Charybdis itself was much tougher – maybe too tough for Rimuru. Fortunately, One Punch Milim is on our side. Once again, Rimuru comes out smelling like a rose – and gains allies.

Dororo (Amazon Prime): Episode 6
Conclusion of the Moriko Song arc. Consistent with the nature of this series, this arc is a tragedy. The choreography and animation continue to be a sharp compliment to the excellent writing and direction.

Mob Psycho 100 II: Episode 6
It’s been a while since there was focus on Reigen, and this arc is digging in deep. Reigen has always been a contradictory mix of con man and practical advisor – and he’s kind of a difficult character to watch or like. This look at what makes him tick is repugnantly fascinating.

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Run with the Wind): Episode 17
After the high from last week, it makes sense there has to be a down episode. Thankfully it wasn’t too depressing nor long-lasting. The important thing was to work through the problem.

Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland): Episode 6
This show never fails to give me the creeps. It’s pretty hard to watch. I can’t ever say I’m looking forward to seeing the next installment. But somehow I have to. I generally put off watching the week’s terrifying episode until the end of the week... and immediately afterwards I can follow with the new Endro! episode, as a Unicorn Chaser.

Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero): Episode 6
Filo officially becomes the third member of the party. And an incident brought valuables and knowledge and connections to Naofumi, so he’s moving up. A mini quest added some action. And finally Filo has magic clothes. Maybe not the most exciting thing – but necessary. I’m not crazy about the jealousy between Raphtalia and Filo. Whatever.

Girly Air Force: Episode 6
Still a clunky, lumbering, somewhat annoying show. The trope is that something will happen that will allow these three incompatible Anima to work as a team. I’m betting the change will be a clunky, heavy-handed thing. For now, though, it’s just a mess.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai: Episode 8
Things are finally starting to heat up, and the Imaginator is on the move. Masaki got into a mess in his continuing masquerade as Boogiepop – but was bailed out by his stepsister, Nagi. I really like Nagi, and it was nice seeing her in action. The faceoff between the Imaginator and Spooky E was talky and lopsided; I didn’t expect the conclusion of the battle. The arc remains quite interesting.

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka (Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka): Episode 6
This show is weakest when it focuses on school life. The writing is unconvincing, and the direction is stiff. On top of that, Kurumi is annoying with her smothering possessiveness of Asuka. I dislike that trait, so Kurumi needs to get her act together. Even the matsuri trope wasn’t enough to make civilian life interesting. The show threw us a bone, though, with a battle between Mia and Crescent Moon Sandino.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Ren’ai Zunousen (Kaguya-sama: Love is War): Episode 6
The mysterious fourth member of the student council, treasurer Yu Ishigami, finally made his appearance. The foursome is complete. I haven’t read the manga, but I’m hoping there’s a Yu x Chika relationship cooking in there somewhere. Ai made an appearance, and I still like her a lot. This was not the best episode, but there were many good moments nonetheless.

Sword Art Online: Alicization: Episode 18.5
Recap episode. I didn’t even fire it up.

Endro!: Episode 6
A Mao-centric episode, showing what happened when Mao was sent back in time when Yusha’s party defeated the Demon Lord at the first endroll (Endro!) It wasn’t a great or funny episode, but it wasn’t completely dull, either.

This season’s new series backlog is getting worse. The shows I need to check out are: Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators, Pastel Memories, Bang Dream! Season 2, The Magnificent Kotobuki, How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno, W’z, Domestic na Kanojo, and Dimension High School.

Demon Lord Milim
Demon Lord Milim
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, Episode 19

Time Permitting
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (caught up through episode 93)
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue (a.k.a: My Roommate is a Cat)(caught up through episode 2)
Go-Toubon no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets)(caught up through episode 3)
Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (a.k.a: Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me)(caught up through episode 6)
Egao no Daika (The Price of Smiles)(caught up through episode 6)
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Miss Lynx is having a princess party because we're grownups and we can do things like that now, so I baked a ridonkulous cake. I want to post it to FB but I don't want her to see it yet, and while she has a DW, she never checks it, so I think I am safe posting it here.

It is not as structurally sound as I want it to be, on account of I thought I would use good jam that was tasty, rather than cheap-ass jam, but it turns out the cheap jam does a much better job of holding cake together. Oh well. Fondant covers a multitude of sins. I'd like to get a bit faster with sculpting so that I can get a better face without worrying that it will dry out, but not bad for a first attempt at a person-cake?

oh and if you are misslynx, don't click this yet )

Sisters in _Rose Daughter_

Feb. 16th, 2019 06:22 pm
[syndicated profile] jedediah_feed

Posted by Jed

I’m reading Robin McKinley’s Rose Daughter (1997), for the first time. I’m sorry to say that it’s not quite grabbing me yet, though it’s growing on me as it goes on. (I’m nearly a quarter of the way through it.)

But there’s one thing I love about it: the portrayal of the three sisters who love and like and support each other, and have different and complementary strengths that they all respect. I haven’t done a comprehensive study or anything, but I feel like having a set of supportive sisters is very rare in fairytales and fairytale reworkings—I feel like in these kinds of stories, siblings in general (and maybe sisters in particular) tend to range from ignorable to outright evil.

(In the original 1740 Villeneuve La Belle et la Bête, according to Wikipedia, the merchant had six daughters and six sons; in the 1756 Beaumont abridgement/revision, it was three daughters and three sons. I’m not sure, but I gather that in neither version did Beauty have supportive sisters. Nor are they particularly supportive or well-delineated in the 1889 Andrew Lang version.)

Anyway, I’m really liking the three sisters and their interactions in the McKinley book.

…While I’m here, a couple of quotes that have caught my eye so far:

[Beauty] would much rather scrub a floor—not that she ever had scrubbed a floor, but she assumed it would be hard, dull, unpleasant work—than attend a ball, which was hard, dull, unpleasant work that didn’t even have a clean floor to show for it afterwards. [p. 8]


[The salamander talks to Beauty.] Listen to me, my friend. I give you a small serenity. I would give you a large one, but I am uncertain of human capacity, and I furthermore believe you would not wish it. This is a serenity you can hold in the palms of your two hands—even smaller than I am. [p. 18]


[Beauty holds roses near her father’s face as he’s waking up, to remind him of her dead mother’s rose perfume.] He murmured her mother’s name, but gently, knowing she was gone but happy in the memory of her[…] [p. 46]

It’s true!

Feb. 16th, 2019 07:57 am
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Rap music is used to get people hooked on drugs. [Central Maine]


Feb. 16th, 2019 05:24 am
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"I have skin in the game, you have sunk cost fallacy, he has Stockholm syndrome" -- tubelite (@tubelite), 2019-01-06

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(I'm not saying that Squirrel Nut Zippers' "Meant to Be" is intended to be about decluttering and finding that one perfect object you absolutely have to keep, but it's very fun to listen to it that way.)

Tonight I showed X the cute gay couple episode of Tidying Up ("I feel like I was just punched in the face by niceness," they said), and then we turned around and considered the bookcase behind us.

The right-now book )

Categories of maybe-keep-maybe-not books )

Categorizing the books in this fashion made it easy to pull down a dozen or so and send them on their merry way. X reminded me not to do too much tonight—I have a cold (again) and have been sleeping very badly (again) and that's not ideal for this sort of emotional task—so I channeled my tidying urges into trimming the extremely large mattress-type tags off our new dining chair cushions and agreeing with X and J that we should get rid of our coat tree, which is huge and space-occupying in a non-useful way.

And now I'm going to to take a long hot bath and read High Stakes, because it said "Read me now!" and there is no better reason to read a book.

EDIT: It was just as good as I remember, and I had forgotten enough of the plot to get very tense in a few places and appreciate how it all went down. Absolutely an A+ keeper—I may have to wait another 20 years to forget the plot again, but when I want to read it I will be very glad to have it to hand.


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