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I’ve made my first real progress with the Irish roots of my Holmes ancestors. It’s not much progress, mind you, but it’s not nothing.

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that the Holmes family will be a perpetual brick wall (a term that genealogists use to describe families that one can find no further data about, thus acting as a barrier to any further knowledge about ancestors). To some extent, this isn’t shocking: pursuing Irish genealogy frequently stumbles on the problem of the destroyed records. In 1922, the Public Records Office burned in a civil war battle, and most of the censuses (and many other records) were lost. I’ve seen a number of Irish genealogy presenters talk, encouragingly, about how it’s wrong to think that all records have been destroyed. Ireland had plenty of records, still, and you shouldn’t write off the possibility that there are some records to be found. But it’s increasingly looking like the records for my Holmes ancestors have not survived.

I’ve certainly had no luck with any of the searches I’ve tried in various online databases. But I decided to hire a professional genealogist to see if anything could be discovered. Several days ago, I received their report. And while they have also failed to find any definitive records, they did uncover some clues that might tell us a thing or two. But it’s in the realm of speculation, rather than “clear record.”

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Date: 2018-08-05 02:56 am (UTC)
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We're running into a brick wall with the grandfather of Andy's infamous Gpa Kelly. Couple of big problems:

1) Wow, good luck tracking KELLYs. :P

2) Gpa's name is Tom Kelly. He's named after the grandfather we're trying to research.

3) Great-great-gpa Tom Kelly seems may have been born in 2 different years 10 years apart. We *think* the older date is correct and that he wound up with 2 families. (Gpa Kelly's father was part of the 2nd family. Zero ideas what happened with the 1st family.) Harder to track a guy when you're not sure when he was born or when he entered the U.S.


Glad you've had a bit of luck with your Holmeses!


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