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BC Holmes ([personal profile] bcholmes) wrote2017-06-25 10:57 pm
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Thought for the Day

Lately I’ve found myself spending too much time arguing with “allies.” Whether it’s explaining to them, as a black gay man, why racism in the Gayborhood is a serious issue or why nondiscrimination laws should be statewide, it feels as though I’m having to defend myself to those who should be advocating by my side. What I have realized is that too many allies conduct themselves as service providers: They show up only when there’s an immediate need, they require me to explain the problem again and again, and they may or may not actually fix anything.

In other words, allies are more trouble than they’re worth.

— Ernest Owens, “Why I’m Giving Up on ‘Allies'”

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[personal profile] ashareem 2017-06-26 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
I am reminded of a quote from lee & miller's Clan Korval novels: "In the matter of allies only two things are important. First, can he shoot? Second, will he aim at your enemy?"
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Oh. That is good.